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Out of town guests coming to the wedding? Don't want the kiddos screaming and going crazy at the wedding ceremony? I can take care of the kids while you and all of your guests enjoy your beautiful wedding.

Date Nights

Have a special event, birthday, anniversary, parents or Grandparents coming to town, call me to take care of the kids while you have  a special evening with your special people. There is a 3 hour minimum.

Resort Sitting

Need some adult time to go snorkeling or paddle boarding? Call Fancy Nancy, she'll bring her bag of tricks to the resort where you are staying to entertain the kids while you enjoy your much needed time away.

Fresh air at 


I love taking the kids to play in the sand at the beach or a playground. It's good for kids to be out in the fresh air and sunshine!
I have babysat for all ages of children.  They are all so much fun, with such very different personalities.  It keeps me young!!
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